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Focus iPhone on Do Not Disturb My Sleep

Your iPhone is a very powerful computer that can bring you a lot of pleasure if you customize it to your specific preferences in your settings. In the iPhone settings for focus on sleep you can adjust settings for people and apps so they do not disturb you.

Two very important health and success factors are getting enough sleep and protecting your attention. You can do this by managing notifications so they support your planned focus and don’t distract you. This can be accomplished by setting your sleep schedule and Do Not Disturb (DND) preferences as shown in the video below.

In the Health app you can schedule your sleep time for the number of hours you want to sleep each night and your go to sleep and wakeup times. Since people in other time zones or with different sleep times could disturb you – you can protect your sleep time by turning off notifications automatically when your focus is to sleep. Notifications are still received but they do not disturb you and you can review them later.

If you are concerned about possible emergencies which you may want to be awakened for, you can also set exceptions for certain people to contact you by giving them permission to override do not disturb. Since they see a notice that normally you don’t want to be disturbed they know that they shouldn’t override your preference unless there is an exceptional circumstance.

Focus modes are very powerful ways of customizing key activities. You can set notifications allowed, customize a Lock Screen and Home Screen, schedule them and apply focus filters. You can control a Focus in the control centre using the focus button to choose and turn on/off the focus. The following video explains how.

How to use Focus on your iPhone.

Once you have customized your sleep focus do not disturb settings, I am sure that you will also think of ideas for applying it to other focus types. For example you can define a Driving focus so you don’t receive messages and calls while driving since they can be dangerous distractions that increase the risk of accidents.

Other examples of focus possibilities are:

  • Writing,
  • Thinking,
  • Working, or
  • Exercising.

Distraction can be extremely harmful to your attention and intention to focus on what really matters to you. Customizing your iPhone settings to support your areas of Focus can really make a difference.

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