Collaboration Needed to Solve World Atrocities

Wars & other crises are causing incredible suffering around the world.

How should Governments, Businesses, & Citizens be convinced to supportively intervene?

One way is complaining, insulting, & trying to create guilt.

All War is Evil, & All Victims Deserve Support

Collaboration is a better way.

Clare Daly, Ireland’s EU Representative is angry that too much attention & support is being provided to Ukraine & not enough to #Afghanistan.

Of the many possible reasons to explain why #Ukraine is currently getting more support, she chose racism.

Undoubtedly racism does exist in the world but choosing this insult as a primary reason to compare aid to #Ukraine & #Afghanistan casts into doubt Clare’s motives.

Does she want aid to Ukraine reduced so it can be allocated to Afghanistan?

There are many other possible reasons other than the colour of their skin for why Ukraine is being supported:

  • they have an internal governance & human rights model compatible with the free world
  • they are fighting against an external oppressor
  • they have made it very clear what assistance is needed
  • the requested assistance has been helping to achieve some rapid success
  • more assistance is needed to successfully mitigate & end the war damage
  • investment will be needed to help the people rebuild

Afghanistan actually has received support for many years but the consensus has been that foreign intervention has failed. Money can’t just be thrown at the problem without a new plan.

Don’t forget:

  • the Afghan government was funded with $Billions in aid, training, weapons, etc.
  • foreign troops fought & died there trying to help the people
  • refugees are accepted in other countries when they are allowed to leave
  • the Taliban are responsible for a lot of the suffering & create obstacles for external assistance.

Clare Daly is wrong in her approach but partly right that we should provide help where possible for all atrocities.

Support is needed to end & heal many atrocities.

Instead of hurling insults a more constructive approach would be to encourage collaboration.

Unilateral action rarely is effective. Cooperation needs to exist to receive aid & investment.

The world has shown tremendous #generosity in helping many different parts of the world. People generally feel good about helping if the help can be delivered to make a difference.

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