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During my research, I have come to believe that there are multiple intelligences. Howard Gardner is the most famous proponent of this idea in his book about the subject.
Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons in Theory and Practice – Howard E Gardner – Google Books

“Not another Intelligence!” If this is how you reacted when you saw the title of this book (Mating Intelligence), we don’t blame you. These days, there seems to be an intelligence for everything—general intelligence (e.g., IQ), emotional intelligence, social intelligence, spiritual intelligence, executive intelligence—ad infinitum. Some of these intelligences, such as general intelligence, are supported by a wealth of solid peer-reviewed journal articles, whereas others are linguistic inventions that capture the popular eye but aren’t necessarily grounded in empirical reality.

Source: Glenn Geher PhD; Scott Barry Kaufman PhD. Mating Intelligence Unleashed (p. xi). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.

“Researchers have begun to understand some of the brain pathways associated with feelings of romantic love, attachment, social conformity, and religiosity. Others have uncovered some of the neurochemistry of trust, altruism, and wanderlust. Some of the genes linked with curiosity and creativity have been established. The mental machinery that guides our mating strategies is becoming understood. And with inroads into epigenetics, scientists have begun to show how environmental forces turn genes on and off, affecting how we—and our offspring—are likely to behave. The nature/nurture argument is dead. We are witnessing the true fusion of biology and culture, of psychology and brain architecture, of personality, neurochemistry, genetics and evolution, of brain and mind.”

Source: Glenn Geher PhD; Scott Barry Kaufman PhD. Mating Intelligence Unleashed (p. ix). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.

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