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Sharp Innovation Solutions provides a one stop web development shop.

Web site development and marketing are complex but Sharp Innovation Solutions helps you achieve your business and personal needs.

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Design & Implementation

  • Planning & Design

    Building a successful web site is dependent on having a good plan with clear objectives for what you want to accomplish. The design will be dependent on the presence you want to establish, the content, and the functionality desired.

  • Process & Documentation

    In order for your web site to support your customer's needs and your business systems, processes and workflows need to be developed and documented.

  • Development & Hosting

    Web site structure (HTML), style (CSS), and behaviour (javascript) needs to be developed and implemented by uploading information to a hosting service.

  • Email Management

    One of the benefits of having a web site is registering your own branded domain which can be used for people or specific function email addresses. The email can be either self hosted or redirected to other email accounts.

  • Support

    Support includes monitoring the web site to ensure it continuously functions, site security is protected, content is kept up to date and questions are answered. Software updates need to be applied periodically and changes need to tested. If problems are detected fixes need to be applied.

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Content & Marketing

  • Domain Names

    The selection of a domain name for your site is the first step in identifying your personal or business identity. This provides a platform for promoting your own brand to build your business or personal reputation.

  • Content Development

    Quality content is the life blood of a web site. The following are some examples where assistance can be provided:
    • Telling compelling stories
    • Graphic Design
    • Photography & Cinemagraphs
    • Video recording and editing
    • Presentation development

  • Social Networks

    Social networks support your web site for connecting with customers and marketing your business. Some relevant social networks include:
    • Twitter
    • FaceBook
    • Google+
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • Blogging

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web site promotion are important for getting your web site seen by your target audience. It includes activities by both the webmaster and the owner of the site.

  • Analytics

    Measuring and reporting on web site results can help drive the evolution of a web site by identifying what changes are needed in the design to increase what is working and eliminate what is not.

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