Sharp Innovation Solutions provides communication solutions to help people and entrepreneurial businesses keep moving forward towards a better future.

Communicate to connect in order to achieve your objectives.

Glen Sharp is an entrepreneur and founder of Sharp Innovation Solutions.
I play many roles:
• communications specialist, product manager, marketer
• electrical engineer, computer scientist, information technology wrangler
• personal development specialist, productivity consultant, trainer,
• researcher, project manager, change agent, futurist,
• writer and speaker.

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I really believe people, communication, technology, systems, and innovation can help create a better life
– if people have innovation solutions that include:
• communicating to connect with family, friends, partners and customers
• learning and training solutions to accentuate personal development, productivity, and innovation
• system solutions to use technology, products, and people skills to full advantage and
• security solutions to reduce risk, protect against abuse, and enhance privacy.

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If you want to know more about my background, checkout my personal web site www.glensharp.ca.


Glen Sharp

Communication & System Educator

I'm a former product manager at a large Canadian telecommunications and Internet firm. I now lead a communication & system education company that is dedicated to helping individuals and small businesses achieve their goals and live a better life.

Orléans, Ontario, Canada