ITIL Restaurant Analogy

Say It Visually uses a virtual whiteboard approach to provide a concise explanation about what ITIL (Information Technology Information Library) brings to corporate information technology by its service management models (you will have to scroll through other explanations). This is a good explanation of the usefulness of models like ITIL to facilitate technology being applied in solutions to meet business needs.

Twitter Books


Rajesh Setty is a good guy who is genuinely providing valuable advice to help people be more successful. This radiates from all his writing and I have recommended his book “Beyond Code” to several people (He also has several other worthwhile books). I recently read his book ThinkTweet which consists of 140 tweet length statements and my initial reaction was that it was gimmicky way to ride on the popularity of Twitter.


It is not that the tweets are without wisdom and are not well written – they do stimulate thinking as well as demonstrate some interesting ways to look at positive thinking. For me however the format seemed arbitrarily constricted even though I am a fan of thought provoking quotes. Perhaps it is that I felt that we are catering too much to attention deficit issues when people also need encouragement to make an effort to see how different ideas fit together in a larger theme. My reaction was that I wanted more – some more pictures or even photographs would have been nice as well as some elaboration on the concepts without regard to a 140 character limit. Many real world tweets also contain links to longer blog posts with the tweets themselves merely an introduction or headline pointing to additional content. I was also left wondering at the lack of attribution since the impression I got from the intro was that there was a lot of collaborators and contributors. Personally I would have found it interesting to know who provided what.

Twitter Art Form?

Some people have proposed that tweets should be considered a new art form like Haiku or other poetry. They laud the arbitrary limitations which force people to be concise. Getting to the point quickly does have its merits as long as the point is made clearly enough.


Twitter has also been used by others like David Pogue to collect content for a book (The World According to Twitter) from a person’s network. Gina Trapani has used it to do specific sample set surveys on various topics which she has developed a tool called ThinkTank. Clearly we are in the early days of this new medium and we need pioneers to explore its possibilities.

What is it Good For?

Much as I personally dislike the role for myself, critics are also needed to keep asking what is this form of expression really good for? I see a lot of industry pundits whose tweets consist of updates of their flight itineraries and mundane details of their lives that seem best reserved for their friends and family. Nobody is forcing people to follow them and one could argue that it seems that many people are interested in vicariously knowing details of celebrity or semi-celebrity lives. It is good to provide choices for the market to decide but I can’t help but thinking that some of these choices are just a big waste of time for both producers and consumers.

Twitter Books?

Now of course opinions about Twitter’s advantages and disadvantages aren’t necessarily Rajesh’s problem. After all he was merely trying an experiment with something new. Personally it seems to me that the opposite trend to Twitter books is what will be more appealing for many people – compiling new types of eBooks by weaving together threads from blog posts, videos, photo collections, and comments. This has the potential for creating a bigger and richer story that is more than the sum of its parts not less. It will be interesting how static books compiled in the 140 character Twitter format do in the marketplace. Maybe I will be proved wrong but I am not alone in questioning the Twitter book format. Twitter’s strength for me is its currency for real time dynamic updates but this is lost when it is compiled in a book (even an eBook) which potentially could be a reference for the ages (quaint concept).

The Future of eBooks?

As you can surmise from my comments (hopefully), I didn’t really have a problem with the content of Rajesh’s book as I did with what attributes (e.g. 140 characters) of Twitter he chose to focus on. To me the future of books might look more like Google Wave or Buzz once they gain some better structure, filtering, and maturity (maybe like wikipedia). In this model the author is more an editor who may provide the main content which is then supplemented by comments or article submissions by other prosumers. Much better structure and formatting would be needed but the audience would be able to participate as the work evolved in various versions lead by a main editor with the accountability for the unity of the document as a whole. Why limit digital documents to 140 character segments when you could have a living multimedia document that gets the points across with whatever media best expresses it? I am hoping that the larger screen and multitouch interactivity of the iPad will stimulate creativity with these new type of eBooks. Could it be possible to have the best of both worlds combining the design of a creative leader supplemented by the wisdom of crowds? You never know, maybe Rajesh, myself and his friends could write one together some day.

Reliable Syncing of Textexpander Snippets

Textexpander Syncing Nirvana

An essential writing productivity tool is the capability to quickly enter information (mostly text) by using expandable keywords so you don’t have to retype or re-enter information. Text expansion capabilities exist in various applications like Pages and Textmate but there is a real advantage in having these capabilities system wide with all your applications. To do this on the Mac I use Textexpander and it is so useful once you have included it into your workflow that you never want to be without it.

To make all the information snippets available across all your computers requires a syncing solution. Textexpander supports Mobileme syncing but I have found Mobileme to be unreliable. A solution using Dropbox has worked for me. The 5 steps to Textexpander Syncing Nirvana pdf provides step by step instructions on how to setup the symbolic links to sync Textexpander preference files.

Probably something similar could be established for Launchbar which also uses text strings but in this case to launch applications, documents, search the Internet, and do all sorts of read-my-mind magic.

For Windows users, autohotkey, texter, and Launchy are alternatives which can be synced using the Windows version of Dropbox but there is no cross platform compatibility for these text utilities.

iPhone Storyboarding App

One way to unleash your creativity is to have a fast and easy way of visualizing your stories. Previously this has mostly been done with pencil and paper sketches but now it can be done with your iphone or ipod touch portable device through the Cenemek Storyboard composer. The product which also is identified as Hitchcock as a tribute to the famous director, starts from photos for the various scenes which you can then annotate, reframe, plan transitions, and include figures to stand in for missing characters. Your story can be exported as a pdf document.

The Importance of Public Speaking and Goals

You probably already know the importance of public speaking but sometimes it helps to be reminded why.
It also gives you some ammunition when you want to convince someone why you want to buy a book (even if the person you are convincing is yourself).
Why you want to be a better public speaker .

A fellow I know once told me that if you want to turn a wish into a goal you need to examine the pros and cons to establish your motivations and make a plan.

The planned goal should be SMART or even SMARTer . Driven by your vision of the benefits (pros) that will result and designed to overcome the obstacles you expect (cons).

Do you have any goals you would like to achieve in the new year? Don’t leave it up to Destiny .

The Definitive Guide to achieving your new years resolutions .

Be like the Canadian junior hockey team and never give up on your dreams. Dare to Dream.