Defeating Negative Self Talk Innovation Solution

The quality of our thoughts has a big influence on our life. Knowledge is available for catching how our thoughts can sabotage our success and applying corrections to lead us in a more productive direction. There are proven benefits to using social motivation (a friend or coach) to progress to implementation from the knowledge. The …

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Humanization of Technology

The Humanization of Technology based on a Socialcast Infographic Humanization of Technology Technology is improving and becoming more human centred. Increasingly technology can be interacted with on human terms not forcing users to compensate for technology interface limitations. Despite the enhanced user friendliness of technology, human training will still be a productive ground for optimizing …

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Enabling a Culture of Innovation

This Harvard Business School video is about the top 2 ways to foster innovation in an organization: Creating a culture for innovation Establishing organizational habits that make innovation happen A couple of good examples are given and a case is made that success takes systematic discipline rather than chaotic disorganization to empower creativity.

Innovation is Needed in All Parts of a Business

Tom Peters has a new book The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence. One excerpt is explained in a video called Innovation Equality which reminds people to not think of innovation as something that applies only to new product introduction. Innovation projects are valuable in all parts of a business or organization.

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