Note Taking Tips

Note taking is important right? It is if you want to ensure that there is follow-up to the time you spent in meetings and other activities. There is more to note taking than just writing stuff down. Michael Hyatt, the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Thomas Nelson Publishers, explains why note taking is important

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Shouldn't that be the Do-Say Ratio?

Photo by passiveaggressivenotes – On the 21 rules blog for standout project management a case is made for dealing with performance problems by not apologizing Technique: Never Apologize. Just fix the delivery problem by having a plan and following through with corrective action. The example used is having a discussion with a nonperforming supplier

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Brain Wars

There is a lot of brain research that is being published that shows that the brain rewires itself based on how it is used. This is sometimes referred to as neuroplasticity of the brain. The bad news is that doing some activities can actually rewire your brain in a negative way. The good news is

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