My 12 Key Interest Areas v3

My 12 Key Interest Areas

Version 4.

Brendon Burchard, the high-performance coach, has stated his objectives concisely as:

Live, Love, Matter.

These objectives resonate and mean to me: 

  • to enjoy life to the fullest, 
  • truly deeply love a few key people, be loving towards people in general, and 
  • leave a legacy to help make the world a better place. 

I agree with these objectives, but something more specific is needed for my own guidance.

On December 16, 2011, Don Tapscott published his “20 Big Ideas for 2012”.

Ideas 7,10,11,16,18 particularly spoke to me as areas I would like to help advance.

7. As the Old Media collapse, improve how we inform ourselves as societies. Advance in the direction of Truth.

10. Kick-start job creation (and economic development) through entrepreneurship

11. Privacy in the age of social networking

16. The next step for social media: social business

18. New models for higher education: collaborative learning and content creation

The following 12 areas are my updated 2020 view of where I want to dedicate my work and play.

  1. Intelligence Augmentation to be a better thinker based on the best human values as an alternative to creating a split/competition between human and artificial intelligence. Support critical thinking and better decision making. Design whole system IT solutions that incorporate human factors.
  2. Develop synergistic innovation solutions to help solve important creativity, productivity, communication, and understanding problems.
  3. Develop, organize, and use personal and corporate knowledge management to make progress for ourselves and our organizations.
  4. Create and promote ethical business models and governance policies that are beneficial for people and society. Provide examples, principles, and measurements to recognize beneficial business models. Make a good living for myself and other people while supporting human transformation and progress. Nurture ethical entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, digital identity, and branding.
  5. Facilitate applied lifelong learning by creating my courses and a community to help people actively solve important human problems. Improve how we inform ourselves and others. Develop improvements for communication, education, collaborative learning, and content creation.
  6. Develop project management and collaboration to establish ethical, sustainable, social networks and communities to facilitate human progress. Advocate for privacy in the age of social networking. 
  7. Develop and promote mental models and mindsets that are beneficial and useful for mental health and a good life.
  8. Develop daily healthy habits; exercise and nutrition regimes to live better and longer.
  9. Develop trust and risk management to create opportunities, move forward with less pain, and avoid disasters.
  10. Promote tolerance, diversity, creativity, love, and humour.
  11. Practice and facilitate design, planning, and taking action (GTD). Appreciate beauty. Enjoy and protect nature.
  12. Advocate for a vision of a better future (e.g. through future scenarios), act as a role model, and leave a legacy.

Why 12 interest areas instead of focussing on just 1 thing? I believe that synergizing across these 12 related areas will help me become a more complete person, avoid burnout, and apply a more holistic view of possible creative solutions.

In case you are counting there 34 key area phrases bolded that each have their own folder, notebook, and page in my knowledge management system.

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