Incremental Cost of a Dishwasher Load During Peak Electricity Price


  • An average Dishwasher uses 1.5 KWhr for a load
  • Peak electricity cost 9.4 cents per KWhr
  • Off peak electricity cost 6.5 cents per KWhr
  • Peak dishwasher load cost 9 cents x 1.5 = 14 cents
  • Off Peak dishwasher load cost =7 cents x 1.5 = 11 cents
  • Premium paid to wash dishes during peak hours =14 cents − 11 cents = 3 cents


• It makes sense (cents?) to do dishwasher loads after 7 pm (off-peak) to save money but if you occasionally do them during peak hours it is no big deal (only 3 cents more for a load).
• It is not worth it to argue (mental health counselling is expensive) about doing an occasional dishwasher load during peak hours if it is more convenient to clean and put away dishes rather than let dirty dishes pile up.
• Also, surprisingly, modern dishwashers are more energy and water efficient than hand washing.
• Base decisions and reactions on facts not assumptions.


• For jobs that require more electricity the cost difference would increase (e.g. cost of a pool heater and pump).
• LED light bulbs are very energy efficient so while it is good to save by turning lights off when not needed it doesn’t really pay much to be in the dark to save money.


How Much Energy Does a Dishwasher Use
Current Ontario Hydro Rates

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