How to Start a Blog

Way back in 2007 I wrote a blog post about Starting to Blog. It is time for an update because one of the links has been broken by other web site updates and there is now new web site information. I got a comment recently about the old blog post which shows three things:

  • • Blog posts are an enduring resource that can still be useful and referenced years later
  • • Periodic updates are needed to refresh links where source reorganizations or deletions have been done
  • • Topics need to be revisited because Internet information progresses quickly
  • The blogging format inherently takes into consideration the time element with date stamping but web sites commonly don’t update their “What’s New” section and they are often years out of date. Continuity is important as lack of updates is a quick way to see if information is stale and hasn’t been given attention recently.

    My thanks to Lisa Addington for bringing to my attention an excellent “How to Start a Blog” site that is getting regular active updates.

    BTW: I fixed the link in the old article because it just might be used again.

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