The True Nature of Personal Leadership

I really like this quote about personal leadership because it helps us to keep the focus on our human endowments:

“In his book, First Things First, Stephen Covey notes that the development of what he calls our four human endowments:

  • • self-awareness,
  • • conscience,
  • • independent will, and
  • • creative imagination
  • is at the core of personal leadership. It is our personal leadership that helps us to do our best creative work. Personal leadership means having the clarity to know what meaningful work looks like, and having the wherewithal to do that work.”

    Thinking and Reading Critically

    Roland Paris, an associate professor at the University of Ottawa, has a nice summary on how to read critically based on a 5 step CLEAR approach.

    He provides a concise explanation why critical reading is important:

    Critical reading supports critical thinking which helps reduce how much your opinions are influenced by bogus information.

    Critical reading and thinking are not the same as negative thinking. Critical thinking is doing some analysis to determine if there is sufficient and valid evidence for claims being made. Negative thinking is assuming the worst possible outcomes without analysis of other possibilities.

    Howard Rheingold and other noted educators are creating a world-class resource for teaching critical thinking and Internet literacies. sheds some light on the truthfulness of common Internet rumours.